Book 1 of The Fearless Four

Escape from Nettle Farm

Red Ribbon Award Winner, 2017 Wishing Shelf Awards

Escape from Nettle Farm (The Baker Family Series – Book 1), a children’s novel, tells the story about Harvey, a Newfoundland puppy. He’s the smallest pup, with big ears and big feet, who’s bullied by the rest of the litter. His owner, a grumpy farmer, is mean and dishonest and breeds the pups as a profitable sideline to support his hobby of restoring farm machinery. When all of the other puppies are homed, Harvey is told that he’s to be sent to a working farm with a cruel owner, in exchange for an old tractor. Terrified of what lies in store, he escapes…and is found by Millie Baker and her Dad at the allotments. Falling in love with Harvey, Millie enters him into a puppy competition – little does she know that the grumpy farmer is going to be there too!

Is Harvey safe with the Bakers?
Will he ever escape the grumpy farmer?
Can he win the competition?


It was a crisp early morning and the late autumn sun had started to rise, the orange hued rays piercing through the clouded skies.  The rays of sun kissed a tired looking farm brightening the dull farmhouse and outbuildings.   Near the farmhouse an old barn stood in disrepair, its grimy broken windows letting in the morning light creating dappled patterns that danced on the floor.  Birds chattered noisily crowding on the arms of an old, twisted oak tree but suddenly paused.  When they continued, their song had changed.  It was no longer a happy tune but one of concern and urgency – the farmer was coming!


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